015: Building A Product Business That Lasts with Jeff Sheldon

March 3, 2017

Build a Lasting Product Business

Build a Lasting Product Business

Ever wanted to build a product based business? Do you want to sell t-shirts or cool picture frames or custom coffee mugs? How many would you have to sell in order to support your business? What effect would such an endeavor have on your family? 

Starting a product based business can be a scary endeavor. There’s a lot of upfront work and costs. Once established however, it can be incredibly rewarding. 

In this episode of The Bearded Tog, I talk to Jeff Sheldon, the founder and creator of Ugmonk. Jeff started Ugmonk as a way to channel his creative energy, and to be able to create and design t shirts that he would want to wear. 

Jeff and I discuss the story of how his business turned into a success, and how his email list continues to bring him connections with his customer and leads to more sales. 

Jeff’s Tips 

  • People are surprised how long it actually takes to build a lasting product business to a level of sustainability. It can take years of prep and work. 
  • A piece of content might be reposted seven times before a follower notices it.
  • Jeff goes by his feelings when posting to social media. He posts content when he feels it’s right to share about it again, instead of having everything scheduled and planned out. 
  • The most valuable asset that Ugmonk has is its email list. With email, Jeff has the opportunity to talk to over 30,000 people in one day. That’s something that could never be done in person at a brick and mortar store. The majority of their sles come from their email list. 
  • Email has a higher chance of being seen, since it will be in a person’s inbox not matter what, where social media can just fly past and be gone. 
  • Jeff writes his emails to have communicate directly to the recipient, and build trust in his brand. He ensures each email contains content that is “quality” and sharing the brands journey, and not just “here’s a sale!”. 
  • He makes sure the frequency that he sends out emails isn’t too much. Quality over quantity. 

What tools should I use?

  • Ugmonk’s website is built on Shopify and hosted on wordpress. Shopify make it super convenient for them to sell their product online, and just print off a shipping label after a transaction and send the order in the mail. 
  • The best tool Jeff uses for keeping the business and brand all organized is Dropbox Paper. He’s able to take notes and collaborate with others in a clean easy way. 
  • If you are thinking of starting business, Jeff has this advice: Dont; start a coffee shop just because you like coffee. Be aware that the thing that you like doing, may only be 5% of what you do as a business owner. The other 95% is the hard work of running the business. 
  • Growing your business will not go as fast as you have in your mind. It’s going to take a long time, and patience is key.  

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