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What do brands like Apple, Nike, and Whole Foods have in common? They all have a group of their customers that are their tribe! A tribe is your most supportive past, current and sometimes future customers that end up doing a ton of marketing FOR YOU.

Hope Taylor has done just that with her photography business.  Between weddings, education and a thriving senior spokesmodel program, Hope Taylor has created a group of clients who are so ecstatic about her work that they can’t help but share about it. She’s also been able to formalize the process of getting potential clients excited about working with her before they even send their first email.

Hope Taylor is 21 years old. She started her business at just 16 and has essentially skipped college to maintain her amazing business. In this episode, she shares tips on how to start your own tribe, how she dealt with malicious people and encourages people to be authentic.

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