038: Destination Wedding Photography with James & Jess

March 14, 2018

How to Shoot Destination Weddings with James and Jess

Destination Wedding Photography with James and Jess

Getting into destination wedding photography is no easy task. Breaking into destination wedding photography while running a business from two different locations 3,000 miles apart is even more difficult. Could you do that while starting a new relationship and eventually getting married? James & Jess have.

In this episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, husband and wife team James and Jess Wittmayer share how they started working together and the boundaries they put in place to run a successful destination wedding photography business as a couple.

The Takeaways for Destination Wedding Photography:

  • Splitting the work 50/50 did not work for them. It caused stress and frustration to divide every portion of the business evenly. They had to learn more about what each person did well, and what they did not enjoy doing. Once they found their groove and assigned the tasks according to their individual strengths, their business boomed.
  • Even with personality differences, James and Jess are of one mind in their business goal: to love people really well.
  • If there are times they are feeling empty in their own relationship, they take time before going to a wedding or photo session to reconnect with a cup of coffee, because if they aren’t aligned they won’t be able to work as well.
  • As long as you are putting your partner, and their work, and their strengths forward, you’re going to do better.
  • If you want to get into destination photography, you’ll have to do more than just say, “available worldwide” on your Instagram bio. When Jess and James started shooting destination, they paid for travel and photo sessions in the places they wanted to go to show they were really there.
  • By keeping their social media following in the loop as to where they are traveling and have been able to schedule other photo sessions while they are there.  
  • Social media is a great chance to connect and encourage others. Just try not to use it to moan about life.


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