041: Photo Delivery with Cloudspot CEO with Gavin Wade

April 25, 2018

Photographer to CEO with Gavin Wade on The Bearded Tog Podcast with Adam Mason

Sometimes the most challenging part of being a photographer is delivering photos to your client. You can’t email them all the photos in a zip file because of the size, and DVDs and flash drives are becoming outdated.  There are many online delivery services designed to fulfill this need, but for Wedding photographer and Cloudspot CEO Gavin Wade, he found the experiences of these platforms clunky and time-consuming for both the photographer and the client.

Gavin decided to solve his own problem and built Cloudspot. This photo delivery platform is designed to provide photographers with a way to share photos as part of a seamless brand experience and eliminate many of the necessary steps of similar services.

On today’s Episode of the Bearded Tog, Gavin and I talk about the beginnings of Cloudspot and how they are looking towards the future.

Gavin Wade’s Takeaways

  • Gavin designed Cloudspot to be a seamless extension of the photographers brand. It made no sense for a third party delivery service company to be part of what clients see when they go to download their photos.
  • Photographers shouldn’t have to be website tech nerds to be able to provide a good photo delivery experience. He wanted to make it easy to use, and shave off hours of photographers’ behind the scenes work.
  • Cloudspot removes a lot of the additional steps of passwords and pins and email logins that other services require. The clients receive an email with a one click download option.
  • The future of photo delivery services will follow what the industry needs. Companies in this space need to continually listen to their customers and solve their problems.

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