042: Work-Life Balance with Marirosa Anderson

Work-Life Balance with Marirosa Anderson

Work-Life Balance with Marirosa Anderson

Everyone is looking for work-life balance.  In reality, you can’t achieve it without a plan. If you do not plan work-life balance into your calendar, your calendar will plan you.

In this episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, I talk with Marirosa Anderson. Marirosa has been a photographer for 13 years. She is able to manage raising a family, 35 weddings a year and a full-time job in Washington DC!

Mariosa shares the tips and tricks to managing your time.  She wants to make sure you have a healthy perspective on your business, and what success means to you.

Marirosa’s Tips on Achieving Work-Life Balance

  • Marirosa was at a point where herself and her family were feeling burnt out. She was photographing weddings, families, and working her full-time job. Her family had to come first, so she went down to only doing weddings in addition to her regular job. That decision helped her regain her life and time with her family.
  • You can fully love what you do, but there still needs to be balance in life.
  • Marirosa blocks off dates in her calendar each for birthdays or vacations and will not book weddings those weekends.
  • Whether you belive it or not, you don’t need to change your processes packages just to book clients. If the deciding factor for a prospective client is something they want you to change, you shouldn’t be their photographer.
  • Because setting boundaries is important, keep clear and strict in how you deliver images and when. Keep to your systems and don’t let the business overrun its proper place.
  • Because Marirosa and her family live below their means, they know if the level of income dropped, they wouldn’t be drastically affected.
  • Meal planning, and having food preparation days helps Marirosa and her family to always have food to eat, and in turn they don’t have to resor to eating out.
  • Being busy does not determine success. Because there are so many different versions of success, the feeling of success is up to you.


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