050: Ordering Your Personal Life with Amanda Hedgepeth

August 15, 2018


Ordering your life with Amanda Hedgepeth

Ordering Your Life

Entrepreneurs often struggle with ordering your life and business. Often times our private and personal world can get to a state of disarray if we’re not giving it the intentionality it needs, separate from our business.

On this episode of The Bearded Tog, I talk with Amanda Hedgepeth. She is an Outer Banks Wedding Photographer, mother of three energetic young children, and creator of Lifeflow lists, a system to keep your home life in order.

We talk about putting your personal life first so you and your business can thrive, how she and her family survived a scary accident and what that taught her about insurance, and why there is so much value in having a personal brand and bringing your followers on the journey with you.


Amanda’s Takeaways for Ordering Your Life


  • Life has to come first and be in order before your business.  You need to work on ordering your personal life.
  • After Amanda had her second child, she found herself constantly stressed and overwhelmed. The house was a mess, she was unorganized, and couldn’t keep up with things. Once she and her husband made lists of the necessary things they had to do day to day, and followed them and got life in a rhythm, her business took off because she was finally able to focus.
  • There is so much input of information in today’s world, and having the LifeFlow lists helped take the burden of remembering all the little things they had to do off of their minds.  It ultimately helps you for ordering your personal life.
  • With lists, life becomes more routine, and you are able to ut your energy on the more important things.
  • Amanda and her family survived a very scary car accident, and because of that, she wants to encourage everyone to get gap insurance and disability insurance and to check that your children’s car seats are secure and fit them properly.
  • There is value in having a personal brand. When you’re an entrepreneur, it’s hard to separate your life from business, so consider bringing them together in how you present yourself online.
  • To accomplish tasks as a mom, Amanda says you have to be okay with interruptions, have a couple of small tasks to complete each day, and do your best to focus and work hard during the small breaks children give you.
  • Have the most positive outlook you can, because that’ll help you keep going in ordering your life.
  • Make the best use of the hours you feel the most energized, and don’t waste it scrolling on your phone.  Ordering your personal life can lead to better business and more balance!




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