054: Creating Connections with Corinne Thompson

September 12, 2018

Creating Connections with Clients with Corinne Thompson

Creating Connections with Corinne Thompson

Have you sought after creating connections with your clients? Every photographer starts their business and takes on their dream for the sake of fulfillment and joy, but often our passion can become a chore. A way to rejuvenate your work and your dreams is by having a meaningful connection with your clients. 

In this episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, Baltimore Wedding photographer Corinne Thompson shares her secrets on how she emboldens couples to be themselves, creates connections, and leaves a lasting impression which strengthens her brand. 

*Parental Advisory! There’s some words in this podcast that you may not be ready for your little ones to hear. Be sure to put on your headphones before listening. 🙂 *


Corinne’s Takeaways for Creating Connections

  • By the third year of her business, Corinne had gotten bored with how she was posing her couples, and with having everything look the same. She decided to change things up, and created fun questions and movement prompts to ask her clients during the photo session. This led to her getting to know more about the couples, and for them to learn more about their significant other.
  • She started asking them deeper questions. (Why is your partner your person?) The couple would have natural wonderful reactions to hearing such nice things from their loved one and it gave Corinne awesome and meaningful images. 
  • Corine makes sure to meet with the couple for drinks before the engagement session if she can, after they book to just chat and get to know them and their story. 
  • Every couple is different in how they talk and interact with each other. 
  • You should show yourself through your brand, through your website, and through your social media. People that connect with you as a person will be interested in hiring you. 
  • You don’t have to put everything about you on social media. Privacy is okay! But people should be able to put a face and a story to your anime. 


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