058: Traveling Through Photography with Two Mann Studios

October 24, 2018

How Photography Allows Two Mann Studios to travel the world

Traveling Through Photography

Traveling through photography is a reality for many successful photographers.  There is a great desire for one’s business to give the opportunity to travel the world. It seems there are few things more sought after in the photography industry than the ability to explore cultures, and simply getting someone to pay you money to get on a plane. Two Mann Studios? They’ve been doing all of that for years, and have even made it sustainable with two children who are in school!

In this episode I talk with Erika & Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios out of mid-western Canada about how they became destination wedding photographers, and what’ it’s like to  travel the world through photography and how they include their family. 

The Takeaways on Traveling Through Photography

  • The Mann’s aren’t wedding photographers because they value weddings themselves, but because they value people and relationships and wedding rovovide the opportunity to capture those things. 
  • Pursuing mastery in a subject is a much more boring process then people realize. The idea that it takes 10,000 hours to master something is true. 
  • When they were growing their business, Lanny had a regular job as well, which gave them the freedom to take larger creative risks. 
  • Since most of their business is travel based, the Mann’s charge their clients travel fees, but they book their flights and lodging themselves. 

Tips on Traveling

  • Having a good relationship with your spouse takes intentional and purpose work, whether you work together and travel the globe for your business’s or if you have a traditional home and work life. 
  • Traveling with your family has its challenges, but so does the normal everyday life.
  • Traveling around the world for their business has given them the great opportunity to take their children with them and introduce them to new places and cultures. 
  • They make sure they schedule downtime into all of their trip, and even when at home so that there is time for the children to be themselves and play and not get rushed from place to place. 

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