063: The Value of Momentum with Adam Mason

November 28, 2018

The value of momentum with bearded tog adam mason

The Value of Momentum

Have you ever heard the story of the man who wanted to swim across the ocean? The story goes that he swam across and got tired when he was at halfway mark. Because he was tired, he decided to just swim back.  This explains the value of momentum.

Technically, he swam the entire length he needed to meet the goal, but his perspective made him discouraged, and he didn’t keep swimming forward.

In today’s episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, I’m talking today about the value of momentum. Now, this may sound like a foreign term and not as flashy as Facebook ads or a new camera, but when running a business, it’s important not to lose what you started.

Adam’s Takeaways on the Value of Momentum

  • You are much closer to your goal than you realize.
  • Sometimes the first half of the journey is more dense to swim through. There’s a lot of nitty gritty stuff to take care of and it can seem overwhelming.
  • Think about what your goal is, and what steps you need to do to get to it. You might have to do some of those steps over and over again to get to the goal.
  • If you stop and give up, you will lose your energy, and your momentum, and will have to start again at the beginning.
  • What you do this year will translate to next year.
  • Anything worth doing is probably hard to do.

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