066: Get Your Wedding Photos Published with Liz Fogarty

December 19, 2018

A way to grow your photography business is to get your wedding photos published. This free method can get your work noticed and give you prestige in the eyes of potential clients.

In this episode of the Bearded Tog Podcast, I chat with Liz Fogarty, a Washington DC Wedding Photographer who is an expert in getting published. Her work has been featured in many major outlets including Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and on the front page of Washingtonian Magazine.

Liz gives her tips and tricks to submit your first wedding and get published!

How to Get Your Wedding Photos Published

  • Being published gives good social proof to couples interested in hiring you.
  • You can be published in either traditional magazines or in online publications. Magazines are nice to show a level of prestige for your brand, but if you aren’t being shared around the internet by online publications and people on social media, you won’t have traffic to your website or backlinks to help your SEO.  
  • Try submitting very wedding, and put the submission process into your workflow. If you are particular about your brand images, make sure you are at least submitting all the weddings that align with it.
  • You can’t just submit pretty details and portrait photos to a publication and call it a day. Publications need a story to tell their readers, and images that correspond with it. You’ll need to have photos of the ceremony, and the guests, and the reception as well.
  • Editors don’t want to see a thousand photos. They don’t have time for that. You must make a curated gallery of 100-150 photos to submit that includes all parts of the day that fit the story.
  • You’ll be giving a write up to the editor, which is a note telling them about the wedding, and, most importantly, why they should feature this wedding.
  • Pick 10 photos that best tell the story, and put them at the beginning of the gallery. This way, the editor can get an idea of how the photos will look in a layout.
  • At a wedding, Liz follows what she calls the 90/10 rule. 90 percent of the day is for her clients, to capture all the memories that they have entrusted to her. The other 10 percent is where she takes the photos in an editorial style that will be good for her own marketing and for publications.
  • If other vendors or your clients ask about the wedding getting featured, remember this: you are not the editor of a publication, so you cannot promise that it will get published.
  • A wedding has a higher chance of being published if there is something of interest or forward trending for the readers.  
  • Be sure to photograph both close-ups and wide shots, and both vertical and horizontal, There needs to be a mix of photos for an editorial layout.


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