080: Mastering Boudoir & Empowering People with Karla Mason

April 3, 2019

mastering boudoir and empowering people with karla mason

Mastering Boudoir and Empowering People with Karla Mason

In our first ever episode on The Bearded Tog with another Mason, Karla Mason joins us to describe how she got into boudoir photography and why it’s so important.

Karla Mason is a photographer based in Virginia who specializes in empowering boudoir photography for people of all shapes and sizes. She primarily shoots out of her home and tells us all about her start, struggles, and victories!

Learn from Karla about Mastering Boudoir and Empowering People

  • Karla gives her clients 3 different options when booking – full release where she can share their photos, partial where she won’t show their face, or no release where she doesn’t post their photos online.
  • Don’t put your own limitations and barriers on yourself, your work, or your business.
  • There are many reasons why you do a boudoir session.  A lot of people don’t succeed because they let their fear stop them.
  • Don’t forget – you aren’t your client!  Just like weddings, everybody has a budget.  You can offer payment plans, but people do budget for what they value.
  • When mastering boudoir, remember there’s fear in anything you do for the first time.  For Karla, it was making sure that people loved their photos.
  • After a lot of trial and error, Karla learned to come in with an open mind and be willing to try things.
  • There are go to poses, but with boudoir, Karla likes to create something new for each client.
  • Karla has a booking fee for her time, and to book makeup and hair.  Our time is valuable, and you should make someone commit.  Prints and products are sold separately by Karla after a reveal session.
  • Once Karla opened her business to the world of in-person sales, she was able to set goals for profitability.
  • Karla is at a place now where she’s extremely happy with her business and work-life balance, so for now, the future looks like maintaining and giving her clients great experiences!

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Instagram: @karlamasonphotography


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