083: How to Fight Through Creative Block with Jacob Loafman

April 24, 2019

how to fight through creative block jacob loafman

How to Fight Through Creative Block with Jacob Loafman

For artists of all kinds from musicians to photographers, making a living from our art can become this weird thing. You have clients to serve, marketing, advertising, and expectations to make. But how can you balance out what you want to express? Are you ever able to pivot or make something new?

Jacob Loafman, wedding photographer out of St.Louis Missouri believes you can. In this episode, Jacob helps describe the literal action steps he takes to fight creative block and keep his creativity flowing.

Fight Through Creative Block

  • If you do personal projects often, you can keep your imagination going and keep yourself out of a rut.
  • Show what you want to shoot!  Just because Jacob loves the portraits and movie inspired type couple photos, he of course captures moments and the story of the day.  However, he shows what he wants to shoot on his Instagram!
  • “Stop thinking so much, and just create.”  Don’t just try to impress other photographers.  Don’t waste your energy on things that don’t matter.
  • Creativity is play.  Challenge yourself.  It doesn’t matter what gear you’re using, your camera is just something you use to capture the vision you’re seeing.
  • Make photographs just to make photographs.  The great painters didn’t storyboard, they just sat down at a blank canvas and started painting.
  • Don’t create extra pressure on yourself.  Just show up and be great.
  • Jacob will challenge himself – anything from picking a color and using it in an image, a “prop challenge” where he has to use a certain prop… anything to work his creative muscle and make being creative the norm.
  • At the end of your life, what do you want to look back and say?  “If I’m on my deathbed thinking about Instagram, I’ve already been dead for a long time.”

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