108: Motivating Yourself and Traveling with Paul Woo

June 10, 2020

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Motivating Yourself and Traveling with Paul Woo

Paul Woo is the NYC based traveling wedding photographer behind the Wandering Woo brand.  Join us on The Bearded Tog podcast as he focuses on motivating yourself and traveling within your business and personal life!

  • Pacing is important!  When you over plan and have too many expectations on a wedding day, you can be really thrown off when things don’t go your way.
  • Silence can be a powerful tool.  Constantly talking may not benefit us as much as we thing.  If you’re talking, you’re not thinking!
  • Just like chefs are trying to evoke emotion with their food, we should be evoking emotion with our photographs and making people feel something.
  • When you can actively remember a memory, you’re being present.
  • Seeing award winners made Paul discover that he wanted to feel something when he looked at his photos – to take them beyond being “just photos”.
  • Some photographers develop an ego and get defensive about their work.  Back tracking and seeing the client’s perspective is important.
  • Your client isn’t going to value work if they’re “doing nothing” in their eyes.  You have to create an experience for them to have them emotionally connect to your images.
  • Innovating when you make it to the top is when it gets hard.
  • Labeling yourself as a “photographer” rather than a “wedding photographer” can open you up to a wider audience of capturing moments for couples.

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