117: Find Your Why and Purpose with Robert J. Hill

August 12, 2020

find your why and purpose with robert j. hill

Find Your Why and Purpose with Robert J. Hill

When you find your why and purpose, your business can turn into something purpose driven.  Change can come quickly in photography, so it’s best to know your why so you can know what to do when change and success comes.  Robert J. Hill is a photographer who truly believes in the importance of finding your why, and basing everything in your business around those values.

  • Your why is directly linked to your story.
  • If you don’t understand why you do what you do, than you don’t know your own story.  Everybody has a story.
  • Having someone like a mentor help you discover your why can be really helpful.
  • When ideal clients, your purpose, and money all line up, your business can really become what you want it to be.
  • It can be an uncomfortable process to find your why.  Some people have easier stories to process than others.  Ultimately, choosing to find your why and purpose will lead to fulfillment in yourself and your business.
  • The depth of any relationship comes down to how open two people are.  It’s hard to share your story with an audience of people when you don’t know how open they are.  Fear of sharing your story can come out of this.  You have to jump over the wall so that you can become more realized.
  • It’s easier to sell things when you actually believe in something and have conviction about what you’re selling.
  • “Your why is directly linked to your story.  A lot of people don’t believe that they have a story or that they have a story that matters, but every single individual has a unique story.”

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