120: Knowing Your True Value with Ben Hartley

September 2, 2020

knowing your true value ben hartley

Knowing Your True Value

Ben was a classically trained painter, who did ministry after college.  After a year of holding down 3 jobs and shooting 40 weddings the same year, things took off quickly!  Ben now runs a successful Facebook group and hosts the 6 Figure Photography podcast.  He is an inspirational photographer who encourages others to build a profitable business that they love.

  • He was getting 1,000 inquiries a year his second year in business!
  • There has to be dissatisfaction in order to see the need and to make change.
  • A lot of people base their pricing off of an opinion or a feeling rather than facts and data.
  • Consistency is so important.  You have to adapt to hearing “no”, especially when running a business.
  • The question most people are asking is “how do I make more money with photography?”.  But in order to level up and begin knowing your true value, you have to switch the question around and say “how can I give more value?”
  • You want your business to provide a disproportionate value.  You want to provide more perceived value than your cost in order for your clients to begin knowing your true value as well.  This makes it easy for your clients to say yes!!

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