121: Why Wedding Vendors Suck at Sales with Sam Jacobson

September 9, 2020

121: Why Wedding Vendors Suck at Sales with Sam Jacobson

Why Wedding Vendors Suck at Sales with Sam Jacobson

Sam started as an entrepreneur at an extremely young age, and never stopped!  After leaving the restaurant industry, Sam started selling weddings at a resort.  When many wedding vendors hear the word “sales”, they feel sleazy.  The reality is it shouldn’t be that way.  This is why wedding vendors suck at sales!  It’s easy to attract people who are like you.  One of the real challenges is selling to people who aren’t.  Sam shares more on Episode 121 of the Bearded Tog!

  • There are three main types of photographers Sam sees:  the gear loving photographer, the experience/relationship photographer, and then the influencer type photographer.
  • Avoid information dumping on the first opportunity.
  • If it’s easy and convenient for you, it might not be optimal for the buyer’s experience.
  • “When I think about a sales process… I try to flip it around to a buying experience.  And so, I’m not selling somebody something.  What I’m doing is helping them buy something that they want or need.”
  • The beginning of the buyer’s journey is to help them identify what their needs are.
  • Mini and micro commitments are better than dumping a lot of information on people all at once!
  • Remember that wedding photography is a BIG sale!  You have to sell to people differently.
  • They’ve never gotten married and hired a photographer before.  You have!  So you need to walk them through the process!
  • When you consider custom pricing and packages, you are selling to the customer’s exact needs.
  • You want your couples to make an emotional decision rather than a rational one.
  • Learn to sell based on what is important to your individual couple.  If someone says they’re spending a ton on flowers, aesthetics might be the most important to them. If it’s feeling comfortable in front of the camera, really sell to that skill you have.  Use data you collect to your advantage when selling to their needs and wants!

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