143: Growing Your Brand and Client Experience with Tonie Christine

February 24, 2021

143: Growing Your Brand and Client Experience with Tonie Christine

Growing Your Brand and Client Experience

Tonie Christine, a wedding photographer in Seattle, Washington, is building a legacy-based business. A mother of two, a motorcycle rider, blogger, mentor, and recently jumped into the Airbnb space.

  • What are you doing today that will make you money and grow your brand tomorrow? 
  • Tonie’s no stranger to business; her first business in third grade was making bead lizards. 
  • Realizing her strengths and where they are, she has diversified. 
  • It’s essential to diversify and grow your brand and not put all your effort into one venue. 
  • The marketing aspect of diversifying her businesses has impacted her photography business because it piques people’s interest. 
  • Suppose you have only $1,000 a year that you can set aside. Tonie asks – What can you do with that $1,000 that will make you money, whether it’s investing or not. 
  • Money can be your motivator, but it’s so that you reach a goal.
  • When you put forth the effort initially, there’s less effort on the tail end. 
  • Just because you have 70,000 followers doesn’t mean you are getting bookings. Your client experience isn’t great? Respond to emails within the first 24 hours. One to five great images from a wedding day? Clients want the whole day. 
  • If something didn’t work for you in the past, then try it again!
  • Stop romanticizing what you think you should be doing and do what you need to do. 

Be sure to listen as Tonie talks about client experience and growing your brand!


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