145: The Simple Steps to Becoming an Elopement Photographer with Nicole Daacke

March 3, 2021


Becoming an elopement photographer

Nicole Daacke, an elopement photographer in Pennsylvania, shoots weddings all over the world. She is a hiker, traveler, ocean-loving, mountain-obsessed chocolate lab mom. Today she’s telling us the simple steps to becoming an elopement photographer from scratch.

What is it like becoming an elopement photographer? Nicole says that going into the unknown and chasing something, you know, kind of foreign, is always scary, but growth happens outside your comfort zone. And that’s where good things happen. 

  • There will be growing pains; you need to see barriers as a good thing or sign that you are heading in a new direction.
  • You may not always have support from people around you, or you might be having these thoughts, but it’s essential to recognize them. Are these my thoughts, or are they the opinions of haters on Instagram?
  • Put on those blinders and keep going because if your gut is telling you what you’re supposed to be doing, then it will be worth it, or maybe you can impact one person. 
  • Nicole says that if you want to become an elopement photographer – jump in at full speed. 
  • You’ve gotta want it, and then you got to go for it and jump in and recognize, there’s going to be blocks and barriers and doubt, and you’re going to feel like an imposter sometime, but you gotta keep going.
  • But how can you get a portfolio if you are new to elopements or starting fresh? Go on Instagram and go under tags and places and find people taking trips the same time you are and ask – Can I borrow you for an hour? I’ll give you free photos for doing this. 
  • You can ask them to bring their wedding dress, buy a cheap one at Goodwill and take great photos. Or, if you can’t get a wedding dress do an engagement shoot. 
  • Thinking about elopement photography or starting fresh? Nicole’s advice – I’m Nicole. I’m from PA, but I’m traveling to this spot. I love to shoot in different locations. I know this is a little crazy. But would you guys be down to shoot for an hour? – She’s never had anyone say it’s weird. 
  • If the Instagram route isn’t successful for you, grab anyone you know and start shooting. Build that confidence with each photo. 
  • It comes down to what is your ultimate goal with elopement photography? Is your ultimate goal to try and shoot pictures for courthouse weddings and then 50% nature elopements? You have to have the right balance. 
  • Create a brand around the niche you want your focus to be.
  • She launched a course on the 2nd called, Pricing for Profit. It’s a course about how to get the financial end of your business straight.
  • What is something that is in this course? An entire section about money mindset and defining your success and psychology of sales and figuring out those mental blocks.

Want to know more about Nicole’s course or her journey to becoming an elopement photographer, how you can transition from big weddings, and how you can get a fresh start? Be sure to tune in and listen – you don’t want to miss this!

You can find out more about her here


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