Best of 2019

January 7, 2020

It is crazy to think that just 8 years ago or so I shot my first wedding for some friends, just to try it out. It’s taken a long time to articulate what I love about weddings but I think now it’s Mason Photography’s mission statement: “Eliminate fear, create connection between those who are divided, and help people become fulfilled in who they are and who they’re becoming.”. Those three things happen at many places, but when you feel it happen at weddings, it takes over you like an addiction. Why wouldn’t you want to be at a place where that is happening? It doesn’t always happen, but when it does it makes everything worth it.

It’s my job to create images that show how weddings like that felt to be there. It’s never been about impressing photographers, or making the next Pinterest image. It’s always been about searching out and exploring the depths of relationships while creating images that show those truths.

2019 was an incredible year and here are some fun things that I’m proud of in 2019:

  • We shot our first international wedding! In the Bahamas of all places and we’re headed back there in a few months!
  • Shot our first boudoir session ever!
  • Hosted our first ever Mason Photography company party!
  • Hosted the first ever Nats Night where we bought a section of seats at Nationals Park and invited all of our couples!
  • Launched our first Photo Booth and it’s already a client favorite!
  • Not wedding related but I created a style-guide for a global brand which was crazy!
  • Hired an editor to help make these images the best they can be!
  • Started expanding the team and having incredible photographers photograph weddings under the Mason Photography brand

All in all a year I’m so thankful for and proud of. I’m thankful this is still my job and every day it feels like a “pinch me” moment to get to do this. I had to narrow down the 250,000 images we shot this year down to something that wouldn’t break the internet, so here are just a few of my favorite images from 2019!

Also, be sure to CHECK OUT THE BEST OF 2019 VIDEO!


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My goal is to create memories that don’t exist yet. I exist to eliminate fear, create connection between those who are divided, and to let people become fulfilled in who they are and who they’re becoming.

I’m based in Washington DC and love creating colorful photos for colorful people. If this sounds like you and your wedding, never hesitate to contact me for availability and pricing!

I frequently travel for wedding, event, and non-profit portrait sessions and have photographed weddings and stories in 20 countries and  50 states from coastal Maui to Iceland! To find out details regarding upcoming travel dates to a city near you or to book a custom travel session email me.