In 2015 I’m attempting to be more transparent about who I am, why I take photos, and How I take photos. If you’re looking for pretty wedding images, you can skip this post!

My only real birthday party was in 3rd grade. My grandparents took me to Pizza Hut, I brought two friends. We ate pizza and each got $5 in the arcade. It was awesome. That was the only time I ever had a birthday party and hadn’t had one since. Even though I’m an extrovert, planning those types of things is intimidating to me. The idea of saying “Hi, everyone, lets celebrate ME!” feels pretentious, so I’ve never done anything special for my birthday.

Luckily, my friends won’t let me be so stubborn! This past weekend I turned 26 (whoa! Getting old here) and decided to host a small get together with a few of my friends. Since photos are the best way to look back on memories and remind ourselves of the relationships we’re in, I setup my own photo booth and let my friends run it. I’ve been loving photo booths lately and since they’re so easy to setup, why not have a little fun?

Even folks who could only come to the party for a few minutes, I suggested getting a photo together. Photos mean so much and I’m thankful for these people in my life. Lots of silly ones below! This year will be the best one yet!

Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-1 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-2 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-3 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-4 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-5 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-6 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-7 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-8 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-9 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-10 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-11 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-12 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-13 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-14 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-15 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-16 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-17 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-18 Washington-DC-Birthday-photobooth-19