I’m a pretty blessed guy. I feel like this whole month, although there was a lot of work, has been one big Christmas celebration. Great friends and adventures with my INSTAGRAM group as well as going to Guatemala (more on that later!), and getting to shoot a few photobooths for some awesome events has made this time of year extra special. I’m even planning my first birthday party (I’m not turning 1, but it’s the first party I’ve planned for a birthday! 26, whoa…). All in all, I’m thankful December isn’t one of my slow months like it is for some people. The blessing of work helps keep me in a grateful spirit. January looks like it should be full as well, which is super exciting!

Here are a few fun photobooth photos from two photobooths in December. One is from the Best Christmas Party Ever (yes, it’s literally called that, and it lives up to it’s name, see the FULL GALLERY HERE), while the other is the staff Christmas party of National Community Church. I even got to be in a few photos! Sweet people I tell ya!

Wherever you are in life at this time of year, I hope that you’re safe, fed, and loved. I’m thankful for friends here in DC and around the country. Have a great holiday season and I look forward to all the fun shoots in 2015!


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