Running a business is a winding road full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and usually a roadblock or two (or twelve).

If you find yourself stuck in a particular area, spinning your wheels and you’re just not sure how to move forward, I’m here to break down the barriers and start making things happen for you in your business.

You can pick from a predefined session track or dig into something unique to your business. Whatever the topic, we’ll tackle it together, giving you authentic and actionable advice when it comes to running a successful and sustainable business and the confidence you need to chase your dreams.

Anyone can start and run a business, but it’s not easy. The only thing standing between you and your dream is clearly-defined hard work.



These 2-hour sessions take place via online video chat. You’ll fill out a questionnaire in advance, to provide more information about your business and where you’re struggling in order to make the most out of your session. All you need the day of is a solid internet connection and a willingness to do the hard work. (But I also recommend you take notes!)


• Off-camera flash for wedding receptions

• Shooting in bad lighting situations

• Finances and pricing for profitability

• Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

• Having a winning client process

• Editing and workflow

• Anything else you’d like to know about photography & business

Abby Blake
It was such a relief to have found a mentor who honestly wants to help and see you succeed and is willing to encourage and give resources to do it!
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Lucy MacLeish
I was super overwhelmed by the process of backing up and storing the thousands of files I have on my computer from being a portrait photographer but Adam helped me get everything organized and created a system that made me feel secure and safe!
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