Philadelphia Timelapse is my new favorite hobby. When I’m not shooting concerts, studying at school, or Tweeting like a mad man, in my free time I’m usually on Vimeo watching clips upon clips of a medium of video called “Timelapse“. I love it. If it’s done well, the technique is able to showcase moments in life we usually can’t see through one single photo, or even a video. It’s amazing, really. I had a desire to create a Philadelphia Timelapse…

Last year, before I sold my D7000, I decided to use it’s built-in intervalometer to try shooting a few timelapse shots around Philadelphia. I thought it went pretty well and so I decided I’d try and make a short-film about the city as seen through timelapse. There are many parts of Philadelphia that move, shake, and change in a way we don’t get to see if we’re on our usual way through the streets.

I knew it’d take a long time but it’d be an equally fun personal project to build my knowledge base and really create something unique to me. Before long, I put together the Philadelphia Timelapse Trailer on Vimeo, and got a nice response from friends. I didn’t expect anything more than some likes on Facebook.

Although, about a week after it’s release I received an email from a representative of Comcast/Xfinity asking me if I’d like to sell my timelapse footage and also shoot some new content to be used in the Xfinity Live! Xfinity Live or the Xfinity Live Center! as some call it is a new facility in the sports complex district of South Philadelphia. Needless to say I was very excited that my work would be used in Philadelphia’s Xfinity Live Center. The only issue is that when I received the email (Monday March 6th), it said they needed to have all of the content shot and delivered by March 18th! 12 days to compile a few hours of timelapse footage? Most of my shots are between 15-30 seconds. I called, and although very nervous, that week was my school’s Spring Break so I knew that would allow me to commit to everything going on in that week.

Did I mention I was nervous? I won’t go into numbers, but this was the BIGGEST gig of my life. I did NOT want to mess this up! I even had  @dennyarcher as my assistant many times!

My plans were to shoot everyday (12 days) morning, noon, and night. On four nights, I was invited to shoot certain characteristics of Comcast SportsNetThe Wells Fargo CenterThe Philadelphia FlyersThe Utah JazzThe Miami Heat (and yes Lebron James!) and The Philadelphia 76ers. These were great times. I had only been to a professional baseball game before so to experience other professional sports from any view I’d like was pretty unique experience! Although these were great, I’d have to miss 4 valuable nights where I could get beautiful Philadelphia Skyline night shots.

It was a tough gig. There were fun parts, but when I wasn’t shooting on two Canon 7Ds and my Canon 5DMKII, I was editing in Adobe Lightroom, then putting the frames together in Adobe After Effects. I was up every night until about 2am, and then I’d wake up at 6am every day to head to the city and get daylight shots. Total numbers were 30,000 shots, and over 500GB of photos! This is all a very speedy process if you have an Apple Mac Pro, but ironically I had sold my Mac Pro last September. Woops.

Overall it was an amazing time and although you’ll have to visit Xfinity Live! to see the final product, I’ll share a few frames (which are FOR SALE) from my time. Some are from the Wells Fargo CenterThe Comcast Center, and a few other secret locations. Enjoy!

Just for reference here’s a textbook definition of “Timelapse”:
“Denoting the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster.”
Pretty simple right?

On to the photos!
Inside The Wells Fargo Center for the Philadelphia 76ers game!