034: Sexual Harassment in the Creative Industry with Kait Masters

January 25, 2018

Following the rise of the #MeToo movement, stories coming out of Hollywood, news organizations, and other places of power have caused an uptick in much-needed awareness on how devastatingly widespread sexual harassment and assault are in today’s society, including in creative fields.

The leadership at Rising Tide Society and Honeybook sent a sexual harassment and Assault survey amongst their members where people could share their stories anonymously, and how these acts affected their work and creative environment.

Many entrepreneurs don’t have an HR department or someone they can go to from a business perspective but hopefully this episode will shed some light on how widespread sexual harassment and assault are in the occupations of Rising Tide Society and Honeybook members and some advice on what you can do if you or someone you know has been hurt by these acts.

This one is a tough but necessary episode for The Bearded Tog audience. If you are a victim of sexual harassment or assault, you are not alone, and there are resources available for you.

HoneyBook Sexual Harassment & Assault Survey and Resources

Results & Insights from Sexual Harassment & Assault Survey

Sexual Harassment in the Wedding Industry (Includes Harassment Contract Clause)

A letter to the Anonymous Victims of Assault by Kait Masters

Back Off: How to Confront and Stop Sexual Harassment and Harassers by Martha Langelan


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