026: Planning For The Unexpected and Sticky Client Situations with Katelyn James

October 18, 2017

The Bearded Tog Podcast by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

What would happen if you suddenly weren’t able to work? Do you have a plan for the unexpected life changes?

Like many of us, Katelyn James had built her business to rely solely on her ability to show up and make things happen. When the surprises of life happened, like an unpaid tax bill or an urgent surgery, she knew she needed to have a plan in place to take care of herself and her family.

In this episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, wedding photographer Katelyn James and I have a heartfelt conversation about adjusting and planning for times of transition, dealing with sticky client situations, and her financial philosophy for both business and personal life.

Katelyn James on Planning for The Unexpected & Sticky Client Situations

  • Your business is often built on you being there to do everything, and, if something unexpected happened, like a medical emergency or sickness, you won’t be able to do the work. It’s important to have a plan in place to take care of you financially and keep your business running.
  • Katelyn highly suggests following Dave Ramsey’s financial plan and have an emergency savings fund that will cover at least six months of income.
  • Definitely consider getting disability insurance for yourself.
  • Since becoming a mother, Katelyn has learned she can’t do everything that she once could, and has to prioritize what’s important to work on in her business and do it in time chunks, so she can be present and enjoy her little girl.
  • If something comes up and you have to cancel on a client, be sure to make it about them, and how you want them to have the best experience possible, and that’s not something you can give them right now.
  • Personal life changes do affect your business, and there are seasons for hustling, and seasons for slowing down and enjoying life with your family.


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