107: Aundre Larrow on Putting Yourself Out There

putting yourself out there with aundre larrow

Putting Yourself Out There

  • You have to let go of the fear of being vulnerable when putting yourself out there as a photographer.
  • Aundre uses music to shape and inspire his work.
  • Whenever Aundre does a project, he makes sure to post something from the project that aligns with his work, whether or not it’s from the actual shoot or not.
  • Aundre works with an agent – he helps weigh in on negotiations and decisions and allows access to unique corporate jobs for Aundre.
  • Take every opportunity you get to be creative.
  • “The camera was an embodiment of getting access to new places, but the work that I needed to do was still going to be present throughout.”
  • When people reach out to Aundre for photographs, he first gets an idea of what they’ll be used for.  Then, he has his clients start on a moodboard.  On the shoot, slowing things down is important.  He directs and explains how they’re coming off on camera to help his subject pursue the direction they want.
  • Aundre is using this time in quarantine to ask himself “what next?” and learn new things.  He’s excited about learning new lighting and editing some videos he hasn’t had time to get to yet.
  • “Find the story you have the most access to, tell it repeatedly, and just find new ways to appreciate that access.  Because access allows you the ability to tell it better than anyone else can.”

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