025: How to Convert Instagram Followers with Tyler McCall

October 11, 2017

Covert Your Instagram Followers with Tyler McCall

How to Convert Your Instagram Followers into Clients

Everybody is on Instagram, but only a portion of people using the app for business are able to convert their Instagram followers into paying clients. Like many of you, I’ve been there. Sometimes, it seems difficult to turn Instagram followers into actual money! But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Tyler J. McCall is an Instagram Marketing Strategist who has been able to help small businesses convert followers into paying clients and maximize their efforts. In this episode of the Bearded Tog Podcast, he gives the truth about why your Instagram efforts aren’t working, and how you must market to a specific client and lead them on a journey from being a follower to a super fan. By sharing his experiences, Tyler also shares his story of running a business on Instagram while dealing with struggle and loss in his personal life. 

This episode is packed full of valuable marketing advice, and  you should definitely give it a listen before your next post to Instagram! 

Tyler J McCall on Converting Your Instagram Followers

  • Instagram and marketing as a whole has gone through a major shift. The way people purchase products has also shifted, and we must rethink what marketing means. 
  • Even though things have changed, Instagram is still a place to build a community.
  • On Instagram, engagement is more important than likes and followers. 
  • The key to being successful in marketing on a social media platform is to know the exact person you are trying to market to, and  market towards that person only.
  • In order to convert followers, your goal should be to get people OFF of Instagram and to a download, email list sign up, blog pst, facebook group, ect. 
  • You must take your client or customer form a process of being a passive (lurker), to being an enthusiastic fan. 
  • When getting started, there’s no need to have all the high tech fancy stuff. Use a free email service like Mailchimp or MailerLite to create a landing page and capture emails with a free download. 
  • Start having conversations with your followers by commenting on their photos and sending DMs. 
  • Put a simple easy to answer a question at the beginning of your posts, and ask your followers questions in your Instagram Stories. 
  • Have your followers to direct message their email address by asking for it in exchange for sending them something free in your stories. 
  • Focus on one of two things:
    • Give valuable content. This can be tips and tricks, behind the scenes, and anything that gives a positive impact on your follower’s lives. 
    • Storytelling. Take your followers on your journey. Pull back the curtain and let them see more of you. 
  • There’s an audience for everyone. Always remember, my audience isn’t necessarily your audience. 
  • Because there’s a lot out there, you’ve got to cut through the noise and give your audience a real conversation. Believe that we all have something of value to contribute, and somebody wants to hear it. 


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