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we are love-filled wedding photographers in Washington DC hunting for moments

We’re a small photography collective who exists to eliminate fear, create connection between those divided, and help people become fulfilled in who they are and who they’re becoming.

We’ve realized how much fear holds us back from being the people we’re meant to be. Fear keeps you from being in front of the camera, laughing your biggest laugh, and being your most vulnerable and true self. We take every opportunity to help you hold nothing back in documenting a day where you can be who you are, in light of who you’re becoming extremely seriously.

The biggest failure at the end of our lives would be trading our intimacy for our fears in light of playing it safe.

This season of your lives may make you feel unwelcome and even excluded as dive into your wedding research. Listen to this: No matter where you’re from, who you pray to, what you weigh, who you voted for or who you love;  who you are and who you’re becoming as individuals and as a whole are what matter to us most.

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love notes

The best decision we made.

Adam does not waste a single moment that he’s with you. Even before me and my husband made any other wedding decisions, we knew we wanted Mason Photography. In fact, we planned our wedding date around hiring Adam for our day. Of all the things we paid for our wedding photos are the things that have lasted beyond the day itself. That was worth it.

Reina & Shaun

Adam has awesome energy!

Adam has awesome energy and extremely kind! Our wedding party had so much fun with him and he even took a minute to dance with my mom, which was just amazing to me! He was by far one of our favorite vendors to work with from our engagement shoot up until our wedding day.

Aziza & Mike

Adam is SO much more than a wedding photographer

I don’t even know where to start with Adam. He is the exact type of person you want to be around you on your wedding day- he’s caring, funny, empathetic and so, so kind. On top of his awesome photography, Adam was a great personality in the bridal suite, when my family was too nervous to button my dress, Adam stepped in and did it – he even helped fashion tape my sleeves. Hire him, you won’t find anyone like him

Hana & Josh

I’m obsessed with them.

No photographers stuck with me quite like Adam’s portfolio did. We didn’t actually meet Adam until our wedding day but he made us feel so at ease it was like we’d known him for years. Neither my husband nor I really like being photographed, but you’d think we were dang models from looking at these pictures. Beautiful. End your search – hire Adam and be done with it.

Sarah & Tom

You matter.
Your story matters.

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