The Bearded Tog: Taking Your Dream to a Sustainable Business


Thank you for visiting the page for The Bearded Tog! Beginning this podcast has been a dream of mine for years and it’s incredible to know you’re supporting it!

About The Bearded Tog: Want to turn your hobby or passion into a sustainable business? Or maybe you’ve been in business a while but things have been going so well? What screws need tightening? Where is your focus?

From pricing and marketing yourself to professionalism and acquiring new high-paying clients, photographer and business owner Adam Mason aims to pull all the curtains back on the processes of being an entrepreneur!

Struggling to get the perfect work-life balance as a business-owner? Take a listen and get your business where you want it to be today! Join Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason as he provides insight to how he started his business, mistakes to avoid, and interviews photographers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. With every episode, you’ll be able to apply something new to your business! This isn’t just for wedding photographers, but for anyone with a passion for entrepreneurship, creativity and building the life you want.

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