Washington DC & Worldwide


Fun Facts

If I’m not listening to podcasts at La Colombe (draft latte what up!), rooting for the New England Patriots or researching the newest Apple or Tesla product, I’m probably at REI planning the next adventure! My favorite wedding memory is snorkeling with a couple in Maui just hours before their wedding. I’ve been to Iceland FIVE times and even proposed to my wife there. I think mashed potatoes are my love language and adventure & fun are my caffeine.

I wear all black but my personality is colorful and bold. I’m always looking for light and love. During receptions I’m not holding back, I’m dancing right along with you and your favorite people! I love documenting moments and using creative portraits to tell your story

Less Cupid Shuffle, more Kendrick Lamar.
Less bouquet toss, more bourbon.
Less Pinterest, more about PEOPLE.

My goal is simple: to tell those stories that haven’t been told, photograph people who’ve never been photographed, and ultimately cut the stress and materialism out of wedding planning. My couples don’t fit in a box, and I don’t try to put them in one. I’m not a model and I don’t expect my couples to be. Being yourself is everything.

If this sounds awesome to you, there’s a good chance I’m a good fit to photograph your wedding.