039: Balancing Business and Marriage with Anchor & Veil Photography

March 21, 2018

Balancing Business and Marriage with Anchor and Veil Photography

Balancing Business and Marriage with Anchor & Veil

If you are married, you know that balancing business and marriage is a super important part of life. Finding that balance becomes even more important when your spouse works in the business with you! 

Husband and wife team Kathryn & Devin Robinson of Anchor & Veil Photography have created a successful and sustainable business through their passion for integrity, loving on their clients and their incredible work.

In this episode of the Bearded Tog Podcast, we talk about the beginning of their business and how they keep it running while always innovating on their work.


The Takeaways

  • They got married and started their business around the same time, and soon figured out they working more on their business instead of their new marriage. 
  • To make sure their marriage stayed at the forefront, the set boundaries with the work schedule, and always take a day off during the week to go on a fun date.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the chase for fame, but at the end of the day, you have to remember that you are just a wedding photographer. You shouldn’t chase industry recognition over family. 
  • It took a while for them to find their own style, because when you’re learning your craft you tend to emulate whoever you are learning from. Devin eventually took a  workshop with Parker Pfister that helped him figured out how to take pictures in the way that Devin himself sees the world and sees light.
  •  It’s important to show the world your unique vision and personality. 
  • Business owners must continue to learn and grow and get better at their craft.


Epic Tent Mountain and Stars Engagement Photo 


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