078: Mastering Facebook Ads with Max Sadik

March 20, 2019

mastering facebook ads with max sadik

Mastering Facebook Ads with Max Sadik

When it comes to the advertising portion of your photography business, many times it seems confusing, overpriced and not your most effective use of reaching your ideal audience. With Facebook ads, I’ve even heard of photographers not using them because they feel like they’re just throwing money at a problem.

Max Sadik, of Marketing for Wedding Pros feels differently and can support his case. Max has been in marketing and advertising for years and uses his background to help wedding photographers and other professionals efficiently market their wedding services on Facebook so they can meet their ideal clientele. In this episode, Max even shares some of the thoughts and tricks behind getting an understanding of Facebook ads that you can apply now!  Explore with us as Max dives into mastering Facebook ads.

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Tips from Max

  • Max had attended a ton of workshops about what to do with leads once you get them, but couldn’t find enough information on how to actually get leads.
  • The reason the boost button doesn’t work is because there needs to be a journey when you’re selling a service.  It can’t be a giant leap.
  • You are an artist, but the couple isn’t hiring an artist.  They’re hiring a business.
  • The people who see your ad for the first time don’t know or trust you.  You have to build that trust.
  • When mastering Facebook ads, you have to realize couples are going to go on a “journey” with your brand.  You have to take them into the consideration phase.  The final stage is conversion, when they convert from an inquiry to an actual paid client.
  • You have the choice to be their tour guide, or you can send them on a self guided tour.  Maker sure to guide them if possible.
  • You need a landing page.  Just make a new page on your site, and ad some copy related to what you’re trying to get them to do.  Give them whatever the ad has promised.
  • If you’ve done a great job during discovery and consideration, then generally they will initiate conversion.  You won’t even have to run additional ads!
  • Retarget, add pixels, and keep offering value.  Tap them on the shoulder and give them value.  If you do that enough times, they’ll come to you to book.

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