084: Finding Confidence with Evie Rupp

finding confidence with evie rupp

Finding Confidence with Evie Rupp

Are you good enough? Do your clients love you like you love them? Will you ever be good enough?  How do you begin to start finding confidence?

These are the questions so many creatives ask themselves and often times it can seem like a cross between imposter syndrome and just downright depression.

In this episode, Evie Rupp talks about how her inner confidence branches out into her brand and client relationships. We also talk about her DMs and favorite Instagram hacks.

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Tips on Finding Confidence

  • Don’t over-analyze what you’re posting or sharing.  Genuinely share your life with the people who follow you.
  • If you set goals for your life to encourage and empower them, and run everything you post by that standard, you’ll set a standard for being genuine.
  • Show up on your own social media.
  • Connection is one of the biggest driving forces in our culture and is why social media is so prevalent.
  • You are the only you.  Putting yourself into your business is going to create a connection with people, and set you apart from anyone in your industry.  Even if you build relationships with people who never need your services, they will think of you when their best friend or sister needs to hire a photographer.
  • People are watching, whether you realize it or not.  People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  • When you have a personality based brand, having your couples feel like they already know you is a very good thing!
  • One of the biggest mistakes photographers make is assuming all of the work that goes into making their clients comfortable, relaxed, and excited happens only on the shoot.  Evie says 80% of making her client comfortable is before – through social media, email communication, website copy, etc.
  • Don’t skimp on branding or creating connection with your clients.

Instagram Hacks from Evie

  • Use a feed planning app.  You can upload 5-10 images that you want to post in the next week, and drag them around.
  • Vary lights and darks so your feed looks balanced.  Evie likes to do 2-3 light images and then a dark image.
  • Vary your focal length – diversify so you aren’t showing 4 closeups or landscapes in a row.
  • Your Instagram grid is your virtual storefront.  If the grid isn’t appealing, they won’t stay to get to know you.
  • Also vary busy and non-busy images.
  • Post yourself – at least once in every grid of 9.

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