125: Grow Your Following using TikTok & Instagram Reels with Brooke Michelle

October 7, 2020


Grow Your Following Using TikTok and Instagram Reels with Brooke Michelle

Brooke Michelle is a photographer who uses TikTok and Instagram reels to reach her ideal audience.  You have to give your own experience to your couples.  It’s okay to stand out and be set apart.  You can take your Reels and also put them on TikTok or vice versa.  That will help with diversifying your audience and protect in case of something happening to TikTok as a platform.  When Brooke saw photographers gaining traction on TikTok, she knew she wanted to learn how to grow your following using TikTok and Instagram reels.

  • You can see a drastic increase in engagement from reels on Instagram.  This allows you to show your audience who you really are, and to increase your engagement.
  • There isn’t as much “cool factor” on Instagram Reels yet as TikTok, but both can be amazing when growing your business and gaining leads.
  • Think of ways you can problem solve.  If you want to reach couples, think of the problems that you needed to solve when you were getting married.  Try to solve people’s problems before they even think of them.
  • We aren’t here for Instagram.  We are here to shoot for our couples.
  • It’s fun for clients to be on your TikTok and Instagram.  You can even use it as a way to serve your clients!

Tips for Instagram Reels

  • If you place the reels in your feed, they show up more.
  • When Brooke has a successful reel, she gains dozens of new followers.  This can help potential clients find her!
  • People want to know how to pose for the camera, professional or not!  Give your audience the content they want, and make it genuine to who you are.  Give your community permission to be themselves.
  • “Grab their attention within the first few seconds…. we need our attention grabbed immediately, or else we’re out.  We have other memes to see and places to be.”


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