159: Pursuing the Imperfect with John Dolan


John Dolan has been in the photography game for a very long time and has made a name for himself in the sphere of weddings. He genuinely shoots some of the highest ticket weddings that I’ve heard of (Will Smith, Gwyneth Paltrow, and others to name a few), but he joins me to share some myth-busting moments that he’s learned over the years.

He was in the photography industry for over a decade before he ever took his first shot. Once he picked up the camera and started making money from his passion he never looked back. Over the years that he’s worked he’s gradually increased his rates but released his need for perfection.

What he found was that in almost every circumstance, the imperfect images he shot at weddings and related events were the most dynamic and perfect. He no longer studies the location or the structure. He lets instinct guide him in capturing the most important moments of each wedding he shoots.

Listen in to hear all of his amazing tips and to better understand what it means to be an in-demand and well-paid wedding photographer.



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