Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding: Kris & Emily

November 9, 2015

And the blogging continues. Last month was super busy and filled with weddings! All of them unique and super fun. But only one of them was a Baltimore Museum of Industry Wedding.

The day was beautiful (October weddings have the best luck!), the Baltimore Harbor was glistening and Kris & Emily were so excited to celebrate with friends. Their 1920s theme was incredible, their swing-dancing spectacular, and their willingness to make some unique images around where they live was second to none. I had never been to the Baltimore Museum of Industry but man it was one of the coolest places for photos I’ve ever seen! There were so many different rooms, trinkets, art pieces and such. Kris & Emily were down with anything and wanted to remember their day with unique images.

There’s a lot of beauty, fun, and great moments in this post, but here are a few of my favorites.

baltimore harbor wedding groomsmen laughing 03-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding bride and groom in movie theatre 05-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 06-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding wedding photo from baltimore museum of industry 08-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 09-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 10-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 11-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 12-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 13-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 14-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 15-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 16-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 17-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding swing band at baltimore wedding 19-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 20-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 22-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding unique baltimore wedding photo dominos sugar sign in baltimore with couple wedding at baltimore museum of industry 26-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 27-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding swing dancers at wedding 29-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 30-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 31-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 32-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 33-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 34-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 35-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 36-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 37-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding swing dancers at wedding 39-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 40-baltimore-museum-of-industry-wedding 1920s wedding ring photo