Capitol Hill Creative Portrait: Jessica In The Rain

May 6, 2014

Living in Washington D.C. definitely has it’s perks. One of those cool perks is living by so many iconic buildings and the opportunity to photograph them at almost any time. With some of those buildings being photographed so often, a unique image of them is hard to come by. So the other day, my friend Jessica and I were supposed to walk around the city and shoot a little bit. Unfortunately the weather didn’t end up cooperating. I texted Jessica and we talked through canceling. The rain wasn’t stopping and it didn’t look promising.

Giving up is usually the easy option.

I decided to continue with the shoot, and Jessica obliged to model if I showed her a few things on her own camera. The rain NEVER stopped, but trying some new techniques, not minding posing, we we’re able to make some fun images. Check them out!

Thanks Kevin for assisting!

**Excuse the last photo. Just fun!

washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-1 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-2 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-3 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-4 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-5 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-6 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-7 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-8 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-9 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-10 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-11 washington-dc-capitol-portrait-creative-model-rain-silhouette-12