Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

April 20, 2015

The Cherry Blossoms are one of the many perks to DC (In addition to House of Cards). I went down to the Tidal Basin last Sunday morning (4AM…Yikes) just for fun and to see what the DC Cherry Blossoms were all about.

Me, my camera bag, and my sound engineer friend Jason Castellente drove behind the Jefferson memorial and grabbed a parking spot. Later we would have trouble getting out of due to the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run but nonetheless we joined the masses of photographers around the Tidal Basin and took a few photos. Some of these are available for print from my printshop HERE:

tidal-basin-at-sunrise tidal-basin-at-sunrise cherry blossoms at sunrise Washington-Monument-1 Washington-Monument-2 prisming washington dc Washington-Monument-4 creative washington monument Washington-Monument-6 Washington-Monument-7 Washington-Monument-9