When I first started Mason Photography, I had been kicked out of college with nothing to fall back on. I picked up random jobs like landscaping and making burritos at Moe’s, but I wanted and needed photography to work.

Problem was… I knew nothing about running a photography business.

I watched YouTube videos, tried to decipher what I could in forums, and did whatever I could to make things work. But with so many differing opinions, it was more frustrating than fruitful. All I wanted was a plan that would work for me and my business.

Years later, I’ve gone full time and increased my revenue and profit each year. I’ve shot over 150 weddings and have to put a cap on how many couples I take each year, despite raising my prices. I’ve systemized the emails, communication, finances, and contracts in my business so I hardly spend any time on anything that isn’t photography anymore.

I truly get to do what I’m passionate about.

If I can make this dream, this passion, and this art into a successful full-time business, I have no doubt you can. That’s where education comes in.


The Bearded Tog Podcast

Demystify what it takes to start and run a successful and sustainable business while accomplishing your professional and personal goals.

Long-Term Mentorship

Get the plan and accountability you need to make major progress in your business with a full year of personalized coaching, conversation, and community.

One-on-One Mentor Sessions

Tackle the topic of your choice in a one-time session filled with authentic and actionable advice to help you run a successful and sustainable business.


I know it can be scary to take a deeper look into the ins and outs of your business, especially when it comes to money. But today you made the choice to conquer fear and think long term. I’m super proud of you and, honestly, this guide is a story of how I run my business and how you can kickstart yours.