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This post is about 2 months overdue, but I knew if anyone would understand that, it’s couples planning their wedding (who are also reading this blog!), so thank you for your patience! A little bit of a personal post!


proposal in Iceland at Skogafoss waterfall by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

That still feels incredible to say. It is absolutely insane (and awesome) that my awesome fiancé Sara said YES to this crazy bearded guy. It’s an honor to get to experience what my awesome clients experience each time I work with them. 

But Adam “How did you do it?”. That’s a great question! The best thing for you to do is WATCH THE PROPOSAL VIDEO I made. It features me crying, awesome Iceland drone shots, and everything in the epic moment of asking Sara to marry me. 

More of a reader than a watcher? I get that. Read below:

The short answer is that we were in Iceland with some friends while I was shooting Instagram photos for a car rental company. Having been to Iceland twice before without Sara, I wanted to show her this incredible country filled with a landscape that I believe changes who you are. 

She was able to take the trip with me this time and we made our way via Wow Airlines to spend about 4 days in Iceland. We landed, got our car, and drove around the entire country of Iceland in less than 3 days. 

You sure you don’t want to watch the video? ? 

Before the end of our trip, we stopped at my favorite waterfall in Iceland, Skogafoss. The weather had been traditionally Icelandic that day in that it was gray, rainy, windy, and pretty cold. Not exactly gorgeous Iceland proposal material! But the weather cleared up right as we arrived at Skogafoss and Sara and I walked around enjoying the unique nature and recapping the day. 

I asked her to stand for a “real photo” (any photo we take with my camera as opposed to my iPhone), which we had done before at other fun times in our relationship like Valentine’s Day, attending an engagement party in DC, and visiting my home state of Delaware. Luckily, she wasn’t weirded out and didn’t think anything of it. 

I was having a terrible time setting up my cameras. I was nervous and wanted to make sure the photos took, we’re authentic, and in focus. I was also nervous the weather would start up again and my cameras would be soaked. 

Luckily, I figured out my camera’s intervalometer (it’s a setting I never use at weddings) and had it start taking images of Sara where she was standing. I walked over to her and quickly made the decision I wouldn’t say anything. Every gentle and loving thing I feel about Sara quickly left my brain for the sole act of proposing and asking her the only 4 words on my mind at the time. I hugged her and let the camera take a few of us just standing, but then I said something that will forever be a memory in our relationship:

“I have something for you”

I don’t know why I said that, or why I didn’t think of anything more romantic to say. I guess I was thinking more so that her ring, was exactly that: a gift, something for her. To this date, the biggest, most expensive (thanks Na Hoku Jewelers! 😉 ) and our most precious gift we’ve shared as a couple. 

As I finished that phrase, I got down on my knee, taking the uncomfortable ring box from my back pocket (I’m so glad she didn’t notice!) and asked her

“Will you marry me?”

She said yes! Then we did what Sara and I basically do every time something awesome in our relationship happens or if a great movie moves us, or if one of our friends is going through a tough time do: we cried, we hugged, we cried a LOT more, and I prayed we’d cherish this moment forever. 

Later on we called our respective parents and close friends, made the basic update on Facebook which got SO MUCH LOVE (thank you!). We have never felt more loved or more connected to each other our the people that love and support us. 

I could say more, but really, please, go and watch the video!

proposal in Iceland at Skogafoss waterfall by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason
We could not stop crying! Hahahaha!
proposal in Iceland at Skogafoss waterfall by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Terrible, wet, tear-filled but epic background-engaged in Iceland photo

Seriously, thanks to everyone who showed us love. Our Facebook photo got over 1200 likes, our video got over 11,000 views. This is insane. Sara always gets mad at me because it’s hard for me to know I’m loved, and this was definitely a reminder.


Mehmet Özmelioğlu waterfalls!

Congratulations Adam and Sara! We wish you all the best.

So very happy for you Adam and Sarah!

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On my out of town, see you Sept. 6

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Skogafoss! It’s one of my favorites!

Adam Mason he’s bored as hell – but heck on a deployment I think that’s good thing, considering the alternatives!
We are both super excited for you! ?

Thanks Jennifer! How’s Juan? Hope you’re well!

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I have a friend you can hire as a photographer who does great work.


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Congratulations you two!

Congratulations my now two loves!

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Thanks Dan! Appreciate it! Iceland is waiting for you!

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