Episode 167: Taylor Jackson YouTube Photographer & Creator

September 1, 2021

taylor jackson youtuber headshot for his podcast interview with Adam Mason on The Bearded Tog podcast


Taylor Jackson is a Canadian wedding and travel photographer making waves as a YouTube photographer and creator. He’s creating multiple revenue streams in his business by marrying all of his passions.

During my recent interview on The Bearded Tog, I had the incredible opportunity to chat with the immensely talented photographer, Taylor Jackson. Taylor, well-known for his exceptional wedding and travel photography, shared invaluable insights into his photography journey, business strategies, and creative processes.

Taylor’s passion for photography was evident as he discussed the significance of personal projects in his career. He stressed how these projects have been instrumental in keeping his creativity alive and propelling his growth. According to him, continuous experimentation and learning are vital to remaining inspired in the ever-evolving photography landscape.

One of the standout points Taylor made was about the importance of branding and marketing in the photography industry. He shared strategies for not only attracting clients but also creating a unique niche that sets photographers apart from the competition.

Taylor also delved into the art of storytelling through photography, emphasizing that it goes beyond merely capturing moments; it’s about weaving compelling narratives. He offered valuable advice on building strong client relationships, ensuring that each photoshoot becomes a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Throughout our conversation, Taylor’s enthusiasm for photography was contagious, motivating fellow photographers, including myself, to push boundaries, embrace change, and pursue our creative dreams with unwavering determination. This interview is an absolute must-listen for anyone looking to thrive in the world of photography and entrepreneurship.

Listen in to hear more about his story, why he started on YouTube, and what’s coming up next for him.



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