This is a special guest post from one of our favorite Washington DC Wedding Planners, Elizabeth Carberry from Elizabeth Carberry Creative! We wanted her to create a Final Venue Walkthrough Checklist for you to use as you check the final boxes and know what questions to ask your wedding venue during your final meeting! Want to see more wedding planning tips? Visit our Wedding Planning section here!

It’s about six weeks away from your big day, you are getting all of the final décor items in place, having your second-to-last fitting, confirming your guest count and likely just starting to think about your seating chart. But the most crucial thing on your to-do list is planning the final walkthrough with your venue.

One thing that couples and even some planners when it comes to your final venue walkthrough is forget to invite their caterer. Having your caterer there will ensure that all of the major parties are on the same page throughout your day. Other potential important vendors for the walkthrough would be florist, band or DJ and photographer if your venue is unique and has some potential logistical challenges, but these three are certainly not required.

questions to ask your wedding venue during final walkthrough. a final venue walkthrough checklist by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

This final meeting is your chance to run through every single detail, and there are many, but here is a quick final venue walkthrough checklist to help guide you through your visit:

    1. Timeline: This is the most crucial piece. You want to make sure the venue is aware of your timeline, when vendors are coming and going, your arrival and departure times and the in-between. But you also want to make sure catering is on the same page with that timeline as well as reviewing your specific dinner timeline. Make note for a few minutes before sunset for photos in the most flattering light!
    2. Floor Plan: It’s important to go over your floor plan and point out any logistical needs for the venue for setup and so that caterer understands the flow of traffic throughout the day
    3. Rentals: Triple check that you have the right number of tables, chairs, side tables, bars, glassware, etc.floral arch rental final venue walkthrough checklist by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason
    4. Rain Plan: This is the perfect time to review the potential rain plan. (I personally try to have this conversation without my couples so close to the date, having already reviewed it with them separately because I don’t want to stress them out)
    5. Rehearsal: Is the venue allowing you to come in for a rehearsal? If so, what day and time?
    6. Parking: Good to note where vendor, guest and handicap parking is.Also who’s covering any paid parking.
    7. Internet Access: Just a good thing to have on hand for guests and vendors.
    8. Signage: Does the venue need any additional signage that you have to provide for restrooms, do not enter, parking entrance or exit?what do you ask wedding venue at final venue meeting?
    9. Final Guest Count: Good time to confirm this with all parties if you haven’t already. If you are having your walkthrough before you have the final then just updating everyone on where you are at currently in terms of numbers is a good idea.

Planning a wedding and dealing with the logistics before your big day can be a stressor but this final venue walkthrough checklist will help you stay stress-free before the big day and focus on loving your partner and partying it up come wedding day!

Have more planning specific questions, email me over on Elizabeth Carberry Creative and I’d be happy to help!