073: Losing Thousands of Followers with Kent Heckel

February 13, 2019

losing thousands of followers of kent heckel

Losing Thousands of Followers with Kent Heckel

How would you feel if you had to deal with the reality of losing thousands of followers, when social media marketing was your specialty and your job? That’s what happened to 22 year old and social media guru Kent Heckel.

In this episode, we talk about what the heck happened to Kent’s followers and accounts, as well as his plans moving forward.

Losing Thousands of Followers

  • Kent built a career of making videos and flipping Instagram handles, but one day a hacker got into his social media.  In just a day, he woke up to losing thousands of followers and over 15 social media accounts he had worked hard to build.
  • Although some of his clients kept him on, his contracts were short and he had to find a way to supplement his income to carry on.
  • Kent has had to focus on the big picture, and work to build his career again.
  • Collaborate.  Because Kent sees so much fear of other people coming in and controlling situations, he sees people really missing out on growth by not collaborating.  As a result, you get more attention and growth than any ad could give you.

Some Tips from Kent and Adam for Instagram

  • Always consider your “Why”.
  • You can use the swipe up feature to IGTV even if you don’t have 10k followers!  Use this to your advantage.
  • Using an ALL CAPS word in the first sentence of a caption draws attention.
  • Be true to who you are.  Don’t talk like you’re a philosopher of love if that’s not you.  This will help eliminate imposter syndrome, because you know you’re being yourself!

Connect with Kent Heckel

Instagram: @kentresting2


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