Philadelphia Family Photos: Silas The Champion

July 2, 2015

I’ve been filling my days with making photographs and it has been great. A lot of “work” I’ve been doing recently has been more personal than normal. For most of it, it’s me wanting to tell a unique story that’s important to me. Today it’s all about Philadelphia family photos.

Which brings me to my little buddy Silas, or as his friends and family like to call him “The Champion”. Silas is a little boy who was born on August 8, 2012 with a congenital heart defect. Silas has been fighter and his road to recovery has been long. He’s basically lived in an out of hospitals, two heart surgeries (one open heart), and has gone through more heart catheterizations than anyone can count.

I met up with Silas, and his parents Kevin and Amber last week. I’ve been friends with Kevin and Amber for quite some time (Kevin and I played in a band together but I won’t tell your our name, so you won’t Google us haha). I just wanted to hangout with them and let them be them. Other than Silas’ weight for his age, you’d never guess he’s had more surgeries than most people. So as it rained a bit, we took some fun family photos, let Silas drive, and blew some bubbles. It can’t get much better than that!

You can find out more about Silas and his heart on his Facebook.

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