Premium Gift Ideas for the People in your Wedding Party

February 28, 2016

Memorable wedding gifts are what everyone aims for. You want to give your wedding party gifts that are unique and special to them. Something they will not only remember you gave them but will reinforce the memory of your guys big day. 

However, you also don’t want to give them something that is a common gift or something that they can see physically use and will just sit in a drawer somewhere. Giving a gift that they can use is more meaningful and special to them. Otherwise what’s really the point? Below are some great gift ideas that do exactly that. They are premium gift ideas not because they are expensive, but also they’re meaningful, unique and special but also usable for years to come. 

custom multi photo mug

Personalized Mug, $10.50,

A nice hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, who doesn’t love that? Casually grabbing a mug from your kitchen cabinet to use. Great memories and laughs come when they realize they picked the mug you gave them as a gift for your big day. 

How nice would that be? Getting personalized mugs would allow a situation like that to happen. Your wedding party can not only keep them to remember your amazing day but can also use them daily if they’d like. That makes the gift that much more special. Mugs aren’t a usual gift idea however they are simple and useful and don’t hurt the wallet as much as other gift options. 

custom cooler

Igloo 6 Can Cooler, $29.99,

Picnic with the family? Beach day? Weekend at the lake house? Tailgating at your favorite band or sports team? Having friends over for a garage party? Carrying in frozen food from the grocery store? There are truly endless uses for a cooler. What’s better than not only a cooler but a personalized cooler. 

That makes for an awesome gift for anyone in your wedding party. This is a gift that everyone will use and making them personalized for that person is even better. This is definitely the definition of a premium gift idea. You can get personalized coolers from the igloo company themselves.

drinks and cigar set

Personalized Drinks & Cigar Gentlemen’s Accessory Gift Set, $74.51,

Making a toast on your big day is a given. But giving a toast in their own personalized flask specially made for them? Even better. Want to even top that? These personalized sets come with cigar holsters and other accessories that make any man feel like a true gentleman. 

There is even more with a corkscrew, bottle cap opener, and it is all housed in a slick custom black box. You can get this incredible set at Groomsmen Gift Ideas. 

personalized drawstring bag

Custom Lightweight 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag, $20.00,

Drawstring bags are definitely a unique gift idea for your wedding party. You can personalize them per person or make them based off of the bride or groom’s party. This makes for a super fun and cute gift idea. 

These are totally usable for any occasion they have in the future. It’s a great way for them to remember your big day. It also covers everyone you wish to give to. From kids to adults, these drawstring bags are going to be able to be used by anyone and everyone.

custom coasters

Photo Coasters, $19.99,

Coasters are something some people either don’t own at all, own but use for decor, or use religiously. Either way, all of these types of people would appreciate the gift of coasters. Especially ones that are personalized to them or for your big day in general. 

They can use them or simply keep them as decor for their home and remember you guys that way. Regardless it’s a unique gift idea that they can not only keep as a keepsake but also use and those are the best types of gifts. 

engraved watch

Engraved Sentry Leather Watch, $150,

What time is it? Time for you to get your wedding party a watch. Don’t give them any reason to be late. All jokes aside, giving a watch is definitely a unique and memorable gift idea. Some have watches that they wear every day but that’s okay. Giving a watch is giving them an accessory that they can keep and cherish for years to come. 

They can also wear them for special occasions for something more meaningful than their everyday watch. You can also personalize them which makes them even more special. Nixon has a collection of watches to choose from and also different ways you can personalize them. These are definitely a more luxurious gift idea compared to the others mentioned but definitely worth it. 

custom cups

20oz Travel Tumblr, $29.99,

Mentioned above were a mug and a shot glass both able to be personalized. However, if not many people, if you’re living, are drinkers or like coffee and tea in the morning there’s another gift idea that would be great for them. You could get personalized cups. These typically come with a spin on lid with a reusable straw or just have a lid with a place for you to drink ours of. These have recently become fairly popular to try to reduce waste. 

This is a great gift idea if you want to gift something fairly simple and cheap but also usable and memorable. You can personalize them with pictures of just you two or pictures of everyone. Regardless this is a great gift idea and that anyone and everyone can use. 

All of the gift ideas mentioned are great for any age or gender depending on who is in your wedding party. These are all also great for both your bride and groomsmen party. Memorable gifts are hard to find but getting something that’s memorable and meaningful is even harder. We hope we helped with that task so that finding and getting your wedding party gifts isn’t such a huge task to try and tackle. The task of picking out gifts is extremely important. 

Showing these people how much they mean to you and your significant other is important. These people are important to you both and gifting them things like the items mentioned above are great ways to show them exactly that. And with a personal touch which makes them all the more meaningful and special. 







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