Collect Addresses for Wedding Invitations Easily!

January 1, 2017

When it comes to planning a wedding, many newly-engaged couples underestimate a lot of the tasks. One of those tasks can often be incredibly overwhelming and lead to lots of unnecessary stress: collecting addresses of wedding guests. The average engaged couple spends 5-10 hours collecting addresses. That’s insane! That’s a whole day you guys could be spent watching Netflix, booking a photographer (hint hint!) or taste testing cakes!

Luckily, in my years of photographing over 80 weddings and even getting married earlier this year, I’ve learned of a super useful app to help make at least this part of wedding planning a lot less stressful.

There are lots of apps and websites that claim to help here, but only one really does the best job while keeping simple: Postable.

how does postable collect addresses by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason is a private and secure all in one resource for collecting addresses and designing cards. The best part though is that Postable will even mail these cards out for you too! That saved us so much time! Here are a few of my favorite reasons Postable is the best solution for collecting addresses for a wedding:

Collect Addresses Easily

This is so magically simple. You sign up for Postable and receive a custom link. After that,  you simply send that link to the people you plan on mailing wedding invitations or Save The Dates to and they put in their info! You’re done the first part!

collect addresses for wedding invitations easily with postable by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Full Control of Options

Things can get confusing when inviting wedding guests who are at different stages of their lives. You have your married friends, families with kids, your couples that aren’t married but have been dating a while or maybe live together, your single ladies (all the single ladies! Sorry #DanceBreak) and all kinds of guests you want to manage.

You can add spouses, significant others, children and even birthdates to your wedding contacts in Postable. When you go to mail your invites, you can even change the formality of their title. This is so useful for our non-married friends that are still a couple!


Download/Export Addresses

Of course, you can download your contacts from Postable and upload them to other wedding sites like Minted.Com, or even add them to your contacts in your phone!

collect addresses for wedding invitations easily with postable by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Adam Mason

Use Addresses Later

If you’re anything like me, I wasn’t thinking this far ahead when we were just gathering addresses from our friends and family. One thing you can do is keep your postable addresses forever, and use the addresses for thank you cards, holiday cards, and family updates later! This was so useful for our Christmas card which you can see below!

Bottom Line: Less Stress!

Overall, planning a wedding is about minimizing stress and for the address collecting portion of that Postable made it super easy! The site is easy to use and is a very welcome modern tool for wedding planning that you can use now too!

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