Warm Cherry Blossoms Photos at the Jefferson Memorial

April 7, 2016

The engagement session mania (5 in 7 days) continues with some warm cherry blossoms images with Matt & Allie! We met up last week down at the Tidal Basin and were met with unfortunate cold and rainy weather. The one advantage this gave us (other than making us learn to love heat more) was the Jefferson Memorial being empty and having practically no tourists.

We hid from the rain as much as we could, working with the wet and slippery Jefferson, but our desire for some warm cherry blossoms was strong! Matt & Allie were fine heading out into the rain for a few images and we included some with their dog Leo (great job in The Revenant!).

Later on we moved to the Lincoln Memorial and finished up the fantastic session there. Can’t wait for Matt & Allie’s wedding this June!

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