005: Grow Your Instagram Following with Bryan Minear

December 8, 2016

Grow Your Instagram Following Bryan Minear

Grow Your Instagram Following

We all hear that the key to getting more clients is to grow your Instagram following, but how does one do that? In today’s episode of The Bearded Tog Podcast, I talk with my good friend Bryan Minear, an amazing landscape photographer from Detroit, Michigan about how as a photographer or a creative, you can grow your Instagram following. Recently, Bryan was able to grow his Instagram from just 800 followers to 20,000 followers in a year, all while working a full-time job and caring for a wife and baby. 

Bryan has worked with large brands, such as GMC, Vanguard, and Fujifilm. He believes the key to growing your following on Instagram is to find what you are passionate about, find your own style of work, and use Instagram as a place to build your portfolio.

In this episode we also talk about using Instagram as a passion project to escape from the daily job, and how to use it to experiment creativity. It’s a pretty packed episode and one I wouldn’t miss! 

Bryan Minear’s Tips on How To Grow Your Instagram Following:

  • Don’t be afraid to take the risk, and reach out to brands or people you want to work with. Bryan reached out to Fujifilm as a fan and is now a brand ambassador. 
  • Instagram is weird, and the algorithm is always changing. Lately, it’s been hard to build a following on Instagram. If you are in it just for the followers, you may be setting yourself up for frustration.
  • The advice Bryan would give anyone looking to grow their Instagram is to develop a style or portfolio of work you are really passionate about and post it consistently. Bryan’s work is annoyingly consistent, but it pleases his audience so well.
  • Everyone will tell you a different time that is the best time to post on Instagram. Really, it’s anyone’s guess nowadays. 
  • Bryan’s process for uploading photos is to edit his photo in photoshop until it’s perfect. He then air drops it to his phone and uses a photo editing app to tweak the colors to make sure it looks good on the screen. 


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