007: The Trick to Accomplishing Huge Goals

December 23, 2016

Accomplishing Huge Goals with Adam Mason

It’s that time of year again. Time to set goals and make lists about all that you want to accomplish in the coming year. It’s alright to say what you want to do, but what’s really important is how do you want to feel?  How do you go about accomplishing huge goals?

When the end of this coming year rolls around, are you going to feel successful and pumped out about what you got done, or are you going to feel disappointed and wishing that you didn’t miss out on certain things?

This episode of The Bearded Tog may have been recorded at the end of 2016, but the tips given can help you to achieve your goals year after year after.  It may seem intimidating to accomplish huge goals, but Adam’s tips will help you break it down!

Adam’s tips on Accomplishing Huge Goals

  • Decide how you want to feel this coming year. And not just this coming year, but even two years down the line or more. Knowing how you want to feel about both your business and personal life will help you in choosing the steps needed for accomplishing your goals.
  • What small steps to do you need to take to accomplish your bigger goals? Or, what are the micro-habits you can do each day that will lead to the life you want? For example, when I was training to run a 5k, I didn’t start by going out the door and running three miles. I had to start by walking, then running every day until I built up to it.
  • It’s never a case of, “I didn’t have enough time.” All of us are given the same amount of time, and we are in control of our schedule.
  • Let’s say you need to write more content for your blog to grow your business.  How could you accomplish that? Well, you could decide to write content for 20 minutes a day. That works out to 140 minutes a week, which leads to 7,280 minutes in a year, which works out to 121.3 hours. That’ a good amount of time to accomplish a goal!
  • Take five things in your weekly schedule and prioritize them. Are they priorities to you? Do they help you meet your goals? Do you need to cut something out?
  • Always start with the smallest possible thing you can achieve first. If you wanted to wake up early in the morning to exercise or get started on work, start by choosing to go to bed earlier. Not necessarily trying to make yourself fall asleep earlier, but being in bed. These small habits will help you reach the big habit you want to accomplish.
  • When it’s time next year to add on another big goal, you’ll already know the process and to do it.

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