009: Building a Boudoir Photography Business with Keith Lee

January 6, 2017

Building a Boudoir Business with Keith Lee

Building a Boudoir Business

Are you looking to start building a boudoir business, but don’t know how to begin without coming across as weird or creepy? How do you gain the trust of clients in an incredibly intimate setting?

Today on The Bearded Tog Podcast, I’ll be talking with my good friend Keith Lee. He’s a photographer who has been shooting boudoir for years along with his amazing wife Ali. Together they are taking amazing images, building trust with clients, and creating long-lasting relationships.

In this episode, Keith gives insights on building a boudoir photography business, including answering all of my awkward questions. You’ll learn what it’s like to be a male photographer in this industry and the process on how to have a fun and professional photo session.

Keith Lee’s Boudoir Business Tips

  • Build your brand first, and gain trust as a professional photographer before jumping into boudoir, especially if you are a male photographer. Don’t be the scammy guy from craigslist. Develop your brand, your style, and your goals for your business before launching.  
  • Keith and Ali gain a lot of their boudoir clients from past and current brides in their wedding business. The trust has already been established in a setting where everybody’s clothes are on.  
  • Start asking a friend or family member to have you photograph them for free. Build your portfolio, and give them photos in exchange for their time. You’ll also have photos to show on your social media because most boudoir clients would like to keep their photos private.
  • Always, always have a second woman in the room. Keeps the atmosphere safe and professional for everyone.
  • Ask for a Pinterest board from the client, to get an idea of their favorite style, themes, and parts of their body.
  • Offer a simple package and pricing. Keith and Ali always include makeup in the package. It’s not only a great icebreaker on the day of the session and adds the feeling of being pampered, but it ensures the makeup is done well, and the client won’t be self-conscious and rechecking their makeup all the time.

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